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As a proof of commitment PT Interteknis in providing services to the people of Indonesia are in receipt of several awards given by the Institute or an independent organization . Every year we have always appreciated the company was awarded a national contractor .

This award is given as motivation for us to continue to maintain the achievements that have been achieved with the aim to fill the national development of the Republic of Indonesia . PT , Interteknis always worked with emphasis on customer satisfaction , therefore, to improve customer service , the company performer and competence of its personnel .

Sertificate Jamsostek
Sertifikat BUMIDA.
Sertifikat Abujapi
BUJP Jasa Konsultasi dan Keamanan No.1649
BUJP Jasa Pelatihan Keamanan No.1650
BUJP Jasa Penerapan Peralatan Keamanan No.1969
BUJP Jasa Penyediaan Tenaga Pengamanan No.1651