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PT.  Interteknis  Suryaterang  and  Group is committed to implement  company’s  policies, to perform  well in order  to maintain health and safety of the employees, partners at work, clients and public in general. 

PT.   IST and Group always does  its best  to carry out sustainable  improvements in its attempts to ensure  well- implemented Health and Safety at Workplace’s rules and procedures through  integrated activities,  as part of the company’s objectives, among others: 

To abide by the law and regulations  on Health and Safety at Workplace, industrial standards  or other prevailing regulations related to Health and Safety at Workplace. 

To arrange planning, train and apply policies, procedures and rules on Health and Safety at Workplace in carrying out activities within the company,  intended to prevent  accidents at work and to ensure all operational  activities are performed and maintained within the frame of work’s safety. 

To save the use of energy resources and natural resources within the company by reducing unnecessary spending. 

To encourage and support  employees to take their initiatives through  open dialogue between the management and  employees’  representatives in relation  to condition of Health  and  Safety at  Workplace  prevailing in the company. 

To make sure conformity of Health and Safety at Workplace’s policy and assessment program in compliance with the requirements, to include audit. 

This policy will be  reviewed  periodically  to  maintain  relevance  and  accuracy  of its implementation in the company’s operational activities. 

Jakarta, November 2014


James D. Filgo

President Director

May 18, 2016, 10:05 am